SDSU Koala

That was some serious ink ya’ll got in the NYT. It makes me proud of SDSU in this strange, sick way. The author never took much of a side though. What a puss right? The Koala isn’t for everyone, so don’t read it if you know you’ll be offended. I always enjoyed the mag and give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re somewhat self-aware about what you write and your place in journalism. I would pay maybe $15 for an annual subscription. No active Twitter though? That could be your true calling, just trolling on the entire WORLD.

Top 5 people who hate the Koala
1. White people with small weiners
2. Black people with small weiners
3. Mexican people with small wieners
4. Asian people with regular wieners (small)

Don’t ever change.
PS: I went to a Koala house party once. It was legitimately the biggest party I attended in college.


Yeah, it was a pretty tame article, but we we’re happy to get some press anyway. Lucky for you, we love our grimy, drug and alcohol filled place in journalism and don’t plan on leaving it anytime soon. Send us an email at and we can send you info about subscriptions.

Guessing your talking about the 420 party 2 years back? Regardless it’s good to hear you got to experience it.

Lastly, it’s always awesome to hear from our fans. Feel free to contact us any time about what you like, miss, hate, or just to send us some dick picks when you’re drunk. We only promise to send better and bigger ones back.

P.S. The staff loves your Top 5. Care if we post it on our wall as an anonymous fan submission?


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