Major League Ultimate

Jeff Snader is the Commissioner of Major League Ultimate. Recently he has been outspoken about USA Ultimate and it’s leadership.

Dear Jeff Snader,

I played Ultimate during college for San Diego State (Federalis) and like say it was the best decision I made during those four years. Though I don’t play much anymore, but I still identify myself with the community and try to keep up on the happenings around the sport.

As of late, there are two professional Ultimate leagues. I think it’s safe to say that almost nobody starts playing Ultimate with dreams of becoming a rich and famous athlete. We’re a different breed who thrive on being an underdog in the sports world. How professional ultimate fits into the community seems yet to be determined, let alone having two competing leagues. I’d hate to see you drive each other into the ground, leaving us back at square one: USA Ultimate.

The current situation is a classic example of centralized governance versus private sector market control. The established “elected” governing body is conservative and mostly uninterested in change (it seems) while the private sector has big ideas and is willing to shake things up. I think it’s time to trust the private sector to lead the sport into it’s next phase.

To me, one of the most exciting aspects of Ultimate has always been it’s potential. I look forward to watching the sport continue to grow.


Thank you, Hayden. I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to making you and all of the fans out there proud.
Jeff Snader
Major League Ultimate


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