In Vinyl We Trust

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Dear Chris Penn,

Happy Record Store Day! Well it’s basically over at this point, but I wanted to thank you for hosting such a great event today. I initially went to see Midlake and Son of Stan but ended up staying well into the evening, partially thanks to the generous donations from Real Ale and Lakewood, but mostly because each performance was as awesome as the last. Did you have a favorite set from the day? All the Good people were working their asses off to keep the shelves stocked and the beer flowing so I hope the day was a success in ya’lls book. I saw people walking away with STACKS of records so I’m guessing it was a success from a financial standpoint. I came up on a Jimi Hendrix Live at Monterrey album that I’m pretty excited about. In fact, it is playing as I write this now.

Are you optimistic about the comeback of vinyl records? At this point, when I buy a physical piece of music, it’s going to be a vinyl. It’s partially the nostalgic cool factor, partially the analog sound quality, but really because it is such a tangible piece of art. I’ve just started to dip my toes into buying new releases on vinyl but am afraid I might go broke in the process. Good Records is basically the last man standing for record stores in Dallas (as far as I know). It’s a tough gig these days, but I have faith that there are enough dedicated music fans in the city to support at least one awesome record store.

Looking forward to next year already.


thanks for the kind words….of course I loved Midlake but I really enjoyed Oil Boom who I had not seen live yet… was our best sale day ever….without the resurgence of vinyl we would be closed so it has saved our ass…..thanks for the support and hope to see you regularly…


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