Cure for the Crash

Cure for the Crash

Dear Brian Paul,

I picked up a copy of your film while in New Orleans a few weeks ago and just got around to watching it last night. It’s on my bucket list to hop a freight train for a day and see where I end up. I worked this miserable office job where a train that would pass and I would fantasize about where it might take me, away from the confines of my desk and email. I know it’s a dangerous proposition (actually catching the train and getting caught by the yard bosses) and maybe that is part of the appeal, but really its about the endless travel possibilities. I know that I’m not cut out for the lifestyle that you portray in the film, so I’ll settle for a day trip somewhere.

I was expecting/hoping that Cure for the Crash was more of a documentary rather than the “found footage” format you chose. Your talks with the real transient population were what held my interest throughout the film and I wish that had been the overall focus. I understand that the characters you developed were to build a linear story around their daily challenges, but it felt somewhat forced to me. As for learning how to catch a freight train, I’ll have to figure that out myself I guess. Overall though, I’m glad I watched Cure for the Crash.



Thanks Hayden.

If your out for the adventure… there are no wrong trains out there to board. I always suggest an Amtrak car, the others can harm you. I will never hop a train again.

Thanks for thinking of me and taking the time to write. Safe travels.

Best Wishes,
Brian Paul


One thought on “Cure for the Crash

  1. Sepher says:

    Hayden, don’t listen to him. BP hops trains every time they get in his way on his morning jog, but he gets right back off the other side… Thanks for the comments though. We had thoughts about reworking the footage into a straight documentary, but it was time to move onto other projects. I hope someone else covers it well one day. Train hopping is so drenched in nostalgia that film makers tend to concentrate on the past, pinnacle of train hopping, the younger generation out there have worthy stories to tell.

    Matthew Newman-Saul

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