These are a few of my favorite things

Dear Rembert Browne,

We share an affinity for two particular things: OutKast and South-by-Southwest (not necessarily in that order). I want to briefly lament on these important topics.  First, SXSW.

You and I actually chatted two years ago during SXSW at The Roots/Band of Horses. I thought it was a dope show and up to Roots’ standards, even without ?uestLove. Now that I’ve vainly tried to build some common ground I think we can agree that SXSW is a unique and very special beast. Ten solid days of seemingly random once-in-a-lifetime musical experiences. If you’re organized and a little bit sneaky (how I got into that Roots show) it it is mostly free, drinks included. I could expound on SXSW for days and often do, but you already know. Meanwhile the “traditional” music festival experience of paying $300+ to stand in a field for 3 days to see a lineup that will be exactly repeated in a week has lost all appeal to me. It is This brings me to our other favorite topic:


I too have fantasized at length about what their reunion concert might/could/want to be. I was instantly disappointed when I heard that their tour would be restricted to the mega-festival experience. Your piece on their first show at Coachella confirmed many of my fears about seeing them in that setting. Though discouraged, I will go see them no doubt. I owe it to them. They deserve for me to be there, a fan who knows all the words and will pass their music down to my children.

In a perfect world they would have debuted at SXSW this year, right? Maybe Willie Nelson would have opened for them, who knows.


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