Come on and slam


Dear Mason Brown,

I saw a billboard today advertising an indoor trampoline complex that included a basketball hoop. This brought back fond memories of watching and wishing to play SlamBall. It’s been years since I’ve seen or heard from the sport and wanted to check in.

I played a lot of NBA Jam growing up. Despite its 2 bit graphics, the game was endlessly entertaining for a few key reasons: it encouraged tackling in basketball and it understood people’s desire for huge dunks. SlamBall also also keyed in on these aspects of basketball and brought it a reality. Basically every play was a massive dunk or block. Forget post-up basketball. There was no Tim Duncan in SlamBall (and definitely no Spurs). Every player was somewhere between Blake Griffin and Vince Carter. Pure action.

So where does the sport stand today? Wikipedia says the last year was 2008? Unfortunately, the last I heard/saw of SlamBall was of that gruesome ankle injury. Did that guy ever walk again?


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