The Zoo era

Dear Mike Rhyner,

I always wondered where the term P1 came from in my first days of listening to The Ticket. For a while I just assumed it referred to the people who had The Ticket programmed to their first button. When I looked it up, I only found it explained as a core listener, in the same context as its used on The Ticket. Then I saw When Dallas Rocked and I learned the origin of the term: P1 or Parallel One is a radio industry term for a first tier station. Top of the pile, so to speak, which KZEW “The Zoo” was in its day.

As I understand it, you brought the term P1 to The Ticket and spun it off to mean hardcore Ticket fans. I’m curious how you made that jump with the term and did you ever expect it to become such common radio parlance? I’m not sure if I’m quite P1 status yet but I’m definitely getting there.

Take care.

PS: Saw you Downtown a few weeks ago. The jet black hair isn’t so bad.



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