Mellow Johnny

Dear Lance Armstrong,

Did you get on your bike today? It was perfect out there, truly couldn’t have been any nicer. Not too hot, not too humid, not too windy. I took my longest ride of this season so far. I miss my Austin route out on Loop 360 and back to town on Spicewood Springs. Those hills were no joke and it got me in the best cycling shape of my life. Dallas is impossibly flat (you know that having grown up in Plano) and I honestly miss the hills and the challenge of each one. White Rock gets the job done for me. I know every crack in the road at this point.

So you’ve been laying pretty low recently. At least the worst of the media shit-storm is over and maybe you can get back to living. Through all the controversy, I still believe you were the best cyclist in the world when you were winning the Tour. I just hope that you still take pleasure in riding.

Take care.

PS: This is still the most bad-ass moment of cycling I’ve ever seen.



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