Music Nerd

Dear Steve Huey,

I came across your by-line on AllMusic while reading some Outkast album reviews, specifically ATLiens and Aquemini. Being that those are my two favorite albums from my very favorite hip-hop group, I thought I’d do some research on your happenings and check in. My efforts were well rewarded. It appears that writing album reviews is part of your repertoire, Hollywood Steve. I now have 12 episodes of purposely bad (I hope) spoof 1970-esque TV to watch so thanks for that.

But I digress.

In your interview with Colin Marshall, you talk about earning enough trust to write about universally loved albums as well as those traditionally lampooned by music buffs. OutKast has essentially cemented it’s name among the timeless, genre defining artists of the 1990’s. It’s a big task to write about their best two albums, but it does help that you have historical perspective to work with. The reviews on Allmusic, which I’ve come to really trust and rely on while searching for new (and old) music, find that balance of the broader historical relevance and the specific album’s merits and shortcomings. Where does one even start to quantify or even classify an album like Aquemini? Seriously though, that’s not even a rhetorical question.

Well you do their legacy justice in my opinion. You and Rembert Browne.

Thanks Steve.

PS: Do you happen to like the band YATCH?


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