The Other HP

Dear Councilman Jerry Allen,

I’m a relatively new resident to your district after growing up in Lee Kleinman’s district. Thankfully he is no longer my representative but that’s another story.  Tonight I attended my first Hamilton Park Civil Union meeting. Now I’m a card carrying member.

I think it’s pretty cool that you came through for the meeting. You obviously have a good relationship with the community here as everyone seemed happy to see you (and vice versa). Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself but I was the red-headed white dude there (the only one).

I am intrigued by Hamilton Park and wanted to hear your thoughts on the neighborhood: where its been, where its heading, how it has changed. The meeting today had lots of positive news about crime rates and community programs. I’ve been very comfortable here in my few months here, but I can’t help notice the many empty and often bordered-up homes. I literally don’t have any neighbors on either side of my house or across the street.

What is holding this area back from developing the with rest of North Dallas? I’ve read how Hamilton Park resisted major buyouts in the past but it seems stagnant at this point. How can the area be revitalized without losing its identity? That’s a mostly rhetorical question, but it has been on my mind.


PS: Keep up the fight against shady payday lending.


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