Dear DeAndre Upshaw,

I avoid Uptown for the most part. It’s never really been my scene but of course there are those nights when all your friends want to overpay for their drinks and dress up to do it. I can usually restrain my whining and complaining, except when we go to that pocket of bars off Cedar Springs centered around Concrete Cowboy, 6th St., and Kung Fu.

I venture to say there is no higher concentration of scum anywhere in the state on a given weekend. I’m not alone in my assessment of the area; see Douchiest Bar’s in Dallas.  I’ve personally seen African American’s get turned away from Kung Fu when they were dressed WAY nice than myself. I guess I look like the clientele they have in mind (white). Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the gathering yesterday  but it looks to have been quite successful at least from a local media standpoint (shout of to Central Track for the early scoop).

Awesome job getting this movement together. What are your next steps on this crusade?


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