The Dude Abides

Dear Jeff Bridges,

Dude. Duder. El Duderino.

Yeah I’m one of those dudes who constantly quotes The Big Lebowski. There is a quote for every situation in life: “Phone’s ringing dude” is very applicable but subtle. Then there is the “Fuck it dude. Let’s go bowling” for when no one can come to a consensus on what to do.

You channel The Dude at some point in basically all your roles post The Big Lebowski. Men Who Stare at Goats is an obvious one but even when you play a villain like in Iron Man it comes out. Maybe I just can’t disassociate you from that role in my mind. I’ve read how you wouldn’t mind if your role as The Dude defines your career.

My next favorite role of yours: Crazy Heart. Furthermore, it’s pretty legit that you’re touring as a musician now with “the Abiders”. Sorry to have missed you in Dallas this April.

Well, keep takin’er easy for all us sinners.


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