Rex’s Blues

Dear Wrecks Bell,

The Strand is lame. The Seawall is trashy. It’s Post Office St. that is the real Galveston that I love, with Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe standing as the anchor. I try to stop in whenever I’m in town from Dallas and the musicians are always a treat. The venue has an aura of authenticity about it that can’t be faked. It might be the dank salt air and comfortably worn hardwood floors, or perhaps the legacy of Towns. Probably both.

You aren’t a household name like Townes Van Zandt or Lightin’ Hopkins, but you were right in the middle of the Texas blues scene at it’s peak. Though I missed it by a few decades, I feel connected to that era of through Old Quarter. It lives on through your venue.

My intro to Townes’ Live at the Old Quarter album was through an Austin musician named Shakey Graves. He is certainly influenced by your era of Texas blues and is pushing it forward with his own style. It would be too cool to see him perform at your venue.  Maybe time for another live album?

Hopefully I’ll catch you behind the bar someday. Happy Memorial Day.

Too cool man



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