Dear Marissa Mayer,

You used to work for Google. Now you are the President of Yahoo. A conflict of interest there?

Actually, I would say no.

Where Google acts as the world’s favorite portal to the limitless information of the internet in a simple and straightforward format, Yahoo offers a more curated experience. It is a platform for news, fantasy sports, and other clutter. It promotes digital communities through these categories for what it’s worth and oh yeah it’s a search engine also.

Yahoo is the third most used search engine behind Google and Bing. Do you go after Bing’s segment or try to out Google Google for a piece of their pie?

Ok maybe it’s unrealistic to go toe-to-toe with Google. But I would like to see them have some competition. Competition create a better product and I’m looking at you.

Where is the Google X equivalent for Yahoo? Why aren’t youcreating self-driving cars and floating server barges? Where is the Yahoo browser to compete with Chrome or the Yahoo social network to compete with Google Plus (even though no one uses it)?

I remember when you were on top! I used Yahoo for everything. Now where are you going? What is your identity? Hopefully you have something in mind and can learn from the ghosts of search engine’s past (Netscape, Excite, MSN).

Take care!

PS: You’re kinda hot.




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