Memorial Day

Write an American soldier and make their day. Info can be found at

Dear PFC Cody Mullins,

Happy Memorial Day! I wanted to reach out and thank you for your service today even though this letter won’t get to you and your company until well after the holiday. Thanks to your dedication to our freedom, all of us back home can enjoy our long weekend. I spent mine on the Texas coast getting a nice little sunburn. Hopefully ya’ll had  a burger and a beer to commemorate. Maybe even two beers.

You are stationed in South Korea. My grandfather served during the Korean War, luckily after the armistice. I think he mostly spent his time burning stuff with incendiary grenades and playing volleyball (not to discount his service). I hope to travel there some day. Have you explored much of the country?

So in an attempt to make you smile here is a fun fact and a joke about South Korea. Try to figure out which is which:

  • Spin a Korean person around and they become disoriented.
  • South Korea has the smallest average penis size in the world.

Come home safe and again, thank you for your service.


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