12 Years a Dirty Guy

Dear David Whitlock,

It has been 12 years since your last shower. You’ve unshackled yourself from the modern constructs of personal hygiene and gone native, so to speak. Humanity was just fine before the advent of showers, bathtubs, and even bars of soap. Actually, you argue (and practice) that we were better off without it. There are natural and healthy bacteria that grow on our skin for an evolutionary reason and most of us killed them all each time we shower, which in my case is twice a day.

Personally, I love showering. It’s much more than the act of staying clean for me. It’s where I get my thoughts in order. It is the symbolic start and end to my day. It’s the cap to a good workout. Don’t you miss that a little bit?

I adhere to the “less is more” theory in many aspects of my life. Showering is not one of them. And if you can maintain a relationship as the guy who hasn’t showered in 12 years, then all the power to you.

Rock on.

PS: I hope you at least wash your hands.


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