Dear Gary C. Kelly,

As a Dallasite, I’m proud that Southwest Airlines is from here. Our fair city has been the starting place for many great companies, but Southwest might top them all. And as of October this year, we will finally be unshackled from the Wright Amendment and can fully enjoy your services! (That means prices should go down, right?)

So maybe now you will let high-speed rail into Texas since you aren’t as reliant on the inter-Texas routes anymore. Southwest is in a totally different position now than it was when you derailed (no pun intended) a high-speed rail attempt in 1993. Focus on flying to Mexico. There is a sweet spot distance where rail travel is more convenient than air travel. Enter the impossibly flat Dallas to Houston route where at 200mph the trip would take 90 minutes without the security hassles. It will help the region prosper, which in turn will benefit Southwest Airlines. All Aboard!

Let this one slide and I’ll patronize your airline forever.


Hello, Hayden –

Gary forwarded me your note and asked that I respond on his behalf.  Thanks for your kind words about SWA—it’s a big year for us right here in our hometown, and we’ve been looking forward to October for a long time.  Indeed, the sunset of the Wright Amendment is good news for anyone traveling to/from North Texas.

With regard to your comments about high speed rail, we don’t presently have a position, and we really haven’t been involved in the issue recently.  That doesn’t mean we are “neutral” because neutral is a position.  To date, there is insufficient information about a rumored Texas high speed rail proposal to support any reasoned evaluation and informed decision. 

Thanks again for your note, and we hope to see you onboard soon.


Chris Mainz | Communication | Southwest Airlines


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