Turn it Purple


Dear Leticia Van De Putte,

I’ll be frank with you. The extent of my knowledge about you until 15 minutes ago was this: you are not Dan Patrick.

After 15 minutes of research, I’ve learned that you are a “moderate, pro-business Democrat who can appeal to various segments of the Texas electorate, including Hispanics and women.” Ok. Through you Twitter feed I learned you are a Spurs fan. Ok. I guess I am this week also (#MFFL though). Oh, and you’re still not Dan Patrick.

That’s more than enough for me.

As Texas politics continue to spiral sharply right,  I think we Dems can share a little smirk amongst ourselves. Let them build an entire party platform on “securing the border”, an utterly empty and completely hijacked issue, property taxes, and hating Obama. We’ll keep a level head and listen to the (changing) constituency.

I’m going to try to make the Dallas Chorizo and Menudo Community Breakfast this Saturday to learn more about you. Maybe even try Menudo for the first time (I’m white).

Thanks & good luck!

PS: I did watch you interview on MSNBC and was glad to hear you mention infrastructure (among other things). How about we get some high-speed rail going and maybe tear down IH-345 here in Dallas?


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