Burger Heiress

Dear Lynsi Lavelle Snyder,

A Double-Double with grilled onions and an order of fries with no salt plus a cup for water. Thanks.

Yep that’s my order every time. In-n-Out holds a special place in my heart. I takes me right back to my college days, playing Ultimate all weekend and capping it off with a stop at In-n-Out. I was rightfully stoked that ya’ll finally made it to Texas, but I don’t find myself craving it as much living in Dallas (except when hungover) because it’s so strongly associated with California in my mind.

We Texans are a proud bunch and many are skeptical about your California chain. These skeptics truly believe Wataburger is better. My stance is that they’re different. Sometimes nothing but a Patty Melt from Wataburger will suffice.

But enough burger talk. I read that you’re an avid drag racer. Cool. I’ve always wanted to look over at a red light, rev the engine, and race a random person. Does that happen a lot in your life?

I also read that you bought Adrian Beltre’s old home. He’s easily the coolest Texas Ranger so that way cool too.

mmmmm. burgerssss.


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