Dear Freddy Adu,

Happy World Cup!

It’s a bummer you didn’t make the USA squad but neither did Landon Donovan, so you shouldn’t feel too bad. You were born in Ghana. Did you try to play for their national team also? It would have been pretty gratifying to play against the team that cut you, assuming you could make their squad…

You are 25 years old, like myself. It’s a weird age right? We’re not young anymore, but also not that experienced (Although in your case, you’ve been a professional athlete for over 10 years). Old enough to be considered in your athletic prime, or even possibly past it, but young enough to still be developing. Also still young enough to have a major change of heart about your life, but old enough to be afraid the change.

If all goes to plan, we’ll look back in 3 years and remember this age with a chuckle.

Hope you find a club this season and enjoy the games.


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