This is the Kawhi Leonard I will always remember.

Dear Kawhi Leonard,

Congratulation on the Championship and finals MVP honor!

You have made me a very proud Aztec and a Texan this week. Though I’m a Mavericks Fan For Life™, I was rooting for the Spurs this series to beat my least favorite NBA franchise (it’s not even about Lebron. I just want 2006 back). As jealous as it makes me, I certainly respect the Spurs organization. Picking you helped even though I wasn’t to pleased about it at the time. I swore I was going to your NBA jersey but I couldn’t go that far.

You were DRAINING shots in game 3. Back at SDSU I never would have guessed your shot would become so pure. But you put in the hours and it payed off. Just watch out for the haters, they’re already starting to line up.

Looking forward to watching your game continue to grow. Congrats again!

Do you ever miss San Diego? I sure do.


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