Dear Tom Scocca

Since reading your article On Smarm, I’ve been honing my smarm radar as it continues to hide behind high minded ideals and political correctness. It has been a pretty smarmy year already, and my top smarm honors go to the commentary surrounding Donald Sterling’s and his racist comments.

The Smarm parade came down hard on Mark Cuban when he aired his opinion about the NBA’s knee-jerk reaction to Sterling’s comments. He was not condoning the comments, only making a valid observation about the steep precedent the NBA set on personal opinions and ownership rights. But because he said he would of gone against the other owners if it came to came to a vote, he was soundly berated and indirectly accused of racism himself.  He strayed from the herd when so many owners took the “thumper” approach.

In my personal quest to write a letter a day, I’ve tried to be conscious of my smarm and snark levels. I consider myself a straight shooter, someone who calls it how I see it for better or worse. So far, most of my letters have been positive because I would rather write about something I enjoy andI like to give credit where credit is due.

Is that lazy of me?

When everyone with a Twitter has an opinion (except maybe @NormalTweetGuy) and a means of projecting it, who’s opinion actually matters? The critically acclaimed author, the celebrity, or just the person with the most followers (Justin Bieber)? Are they all equal?

While it may not be our duty to call a spade a spade, it’s at least our right. Smarmers be damned.

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