Pecan Lodge

Dear Justin and Diane Fourton,

Maybe this has happened to you:

You like a band.  Maybe you randomly caught a live show one night and got into them early. Maybe your really hip friend who knows all the bands that no one knows showed them to you (or maybe you are that cool friend). However it happened, you love this band and it feels like your special little secret.

Next thing you know, you hear a song on the radio. Then their next show in town sells out. That airhead (but really hot) sorority girl takes a selfie at the concert and you see it on Instagram the next day. And eventually a new album comes out.

You fear that the band maybe lost touch. You hear they are taking a new direction. They signed to a major label. Finally, you work up the courage to give the new album a listen…

…And it’s good! Actually it’s great. It’s everything you loved about them plus a new twist and you’re relieved and happy.

This is a loose metaphor for my relationship with Pecan Lodge. I tried the new location today and everything was stellar. My slight apprehension about the change of venue was gone in 2 bites. I’m sure you’re tired of the comparison, but Dallas officially has it’s Franklin BBQ equivalent.

Congrats and see ya’ll soon!

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