Analog Girl in a Digital World

Dear Erykah Badu,

I wrote you a Haiku:

Fat Belly Bella

Lifting my soul higher since

Back in the day (puff)

When I was a kid, my two cousins and I would help our aunt clean her house in east Dallas. It was always a disaster but we were compensated with $20, pizza, and soda which seemed like a square deal at the time. This particular clean up was in preparation for a party she was having that evening. She asked that we pick out some CD’s that would quote, “make her seem hip”. My contribution to the music selection was Mama’s Gun, circa 5th grade. I later heard that it set the vibe just right (because how could it not). I guess the point is that I can trace my fan-dom to that memory.

We’re from Dallas and that’s pretty cool. I have an evolving sibling like relationship with this city, and can’t help but be proud of being from here. Your tie to Dallas definitely helps. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty polarized place (North/South). I have to hope that the city is finally coming together, if slowly. The future of our city depends on it. Do you feel things are changing for the better? That we are bridging these two long separated communities?

I know you used to be the proprietor of the Black Forest Theater down on MLK Blvd but have since moved on. It would be awesome to see that block turn around. Maybe if we tear down IH-345 things might get better…

Looking forward to some new music soon but keep pranking folks in the mean time.


PS: I went to Lakehill Prep. When I heard your kids were enrolled there I thought it was way cool.


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