Pedal South


Dear Pedal South,

There is a sense of freedom associated with riding a bicycle. I remember feeling it as soon as I learned how to ride without training wheels. All of a sudden you can get somewhere. You can explore new places. Maybe it was just to the park down the street or to a friend’s house in the neighborhood but it was an early taste of freedom none the less.

Your monumental excursion is the ultimate manifestation of that same freedom. If you can keep pedaling, you can get there (in theory), even when your destination happens to be Patagonia, Argentina. Except in this case, it is not the destination but the journey itself that you are pedaling for. And maybe that is the best reason to ride a bike. It is definitely the best reason to ride 18,000 miles.

I consider myself a cyclist. I would ride places when I lived in a more bike friendly city. I’ve done the Austin to Shiner, Galveston Island a few times, White Rock lake a few thousand.  Some day maybe I’ll do an extended trip. As a cyclist and bike enthusiast, the idea of Pedal South is captivating. For me, the audacity of the trip is less about safety and logistics, but the mental fortitude needed to complete it. The daily focus and resignation to ride a little further south each day. It will be an impressive feat.

I’m excited to follow the stories and wish ya’ll the best of luck.

P.S. I made a Spotify playlist for when there’s reception on the route. Hope it will help pass a few miles.


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