Baby Steps


Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts

Dear Jason Roberts (Bike Friendly Oak Cliff),

I am a cyclist and overall bike advocate. During my years in Austin, I rode my bike most places: school, bars, friends houses, even work for a while. Although it’s not the most bike friendly city, it makes an honest effort and it shows.

I moved away from Dallas 7 years ago and have been back for about a year now. When I left, I don’t think there was a single bike lane in the entire city. In the last few years, the city is seemingly (finally) making an effort to accommodate cyclists. When it is convenient, I’ll take my bike on the DART (train) to get somewhere rather than drive. But the glaring truth is that it is never really convenient, except when I have no time constraints and the weather permits it.

You know this all too well.

I’m admittedly someone who likes focuses on the positives, but overall, I feel that Dallas is moving in the right direction to become a more bike-able city. We have the first seeds of a bike-share program and have amended the helmet law. The Santa Fe Trail links East Dallas thru Downtown to the Katy Trail. The Jefferson Cycle Track links Downtown with Oak Cliff. Critical Mass has a small but dedicated following. We just had a cyclovia event.

But you know all this also.

How do you think Dallas has progressed in the last few years? I know Oak Cliff has come a long way thanks in part to your efforts.

What will it take to get that young finance professional to bike 2 miles from Uptown to their Downtown office? Will we ever exceed the .2% of people who commute to work?

The need for separated bike lanes is obvious to improve safety but how do you go about changing the culture? Even if they feel safe, people still don’t want to get sweaty…

Thanks Jason.

PS: Bummed I missed the Polariod ride!


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