Dear Ashley Haire,

Congratulations on the new job and welcome to Dallas! Before yesterday, I didn’t even know we had a City Bike Coordinator so that alone is pretty exciting to me.

I hope the move from Portland hasn’t been too much of a culture shock for you (luckily you’re no stranger to the Texas heat. Hook ‘em). When I was in Portland last summer, I was amazed at the number of bicycle commuters on the roads (bike lanes). There was literally rush hour traffic for bicycles. I’ve read how Portland’s inner-city density pre-bike lane years was comparable to that of Dallas’ and they (you?) managed to build a vibrant cycling community.

Currently, .1% of commuters in Dallas ride a bike to work so we can only go up from here. You’ve mentioned how we need to link “clusters of multi-family residences” to important parts of the city. I can get most places with a combination of my bike and the DART (rail). When I lived in Preston Hollow, the problem for me was getting to the train safely. If each major neighborhood had a safe route to the closest DART rail station, I think we could make some progress.

Do you have a favorite route in Dallas yet? I live right off the Cottonwood Trail and have a great, safe, ride to and around the lake. What about Critical Mass, have you had a chance to catch one yet? Maybe I’ll see you out there this month.

Until then!


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