You’re Special

Dear Mike Sinyard,

My theory is that cycling  perfectly combines man, machine, and nature. Working in equal parts, they create a harmonious and endlessly rewarding experience. It of course takes the right bicycle for the equation to work.

My very first bike was a Specialized. It was a children’s size neon yellow mountain bike given to me by my uncle/cyclist/former bike shop owner. He lived in New Mexico and we went for a little ride on a dirt path, where I promptly rode into a cactus. Luckily, that little mishap wouldn’t dampen my enthusiasm for bikes.

Two Specialized’s later, I’m the proud owner of an Allez Elite that I’ve rode 15,000+ miles throughout Texas and California. It’s has been nothing but dependable, still as solid as the day I bought it.

From what I’ve read, you are compared to the Steve Jobs of the cycling industry. Through your wondering (some may say hippie) years, you emerged as the preeminent entrepreneur and visionary of the bicycle world. You designed and marketed the first mountain bike available to the casual cyclist and from there you built one of the most respected and recognizable brands in cycling. How do you feel about the Steve Jobs comparison?

One of these days I’ll make it to the HQ in Morgan Hill. Maybe even catch a lunch ride. Until then, I’m looking forward to my next Specialized.


Good to hear.   M

Sent from  Roubaix SL4

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