Cool Food Projects Week

Dear Matt Liotta,

Between shipping containers, wooden pallets, and duct tape I’m pretty sure you can build just about anything. Heck, I bet we could put a man on the moon with that stuff if we put Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and this guy on the job.

At PodPonics, you take a shipping container and hydroponically grow an acres worth of food in it . You’ve use an object once made for transportation to prevent transportation, specifically the shipment of leafy greens which are mostly grown in California. Gas prices are only going up and California is facing the most serious drought in memory. The concept saves water and fuel, the two most precious commodity on the planet (other than the children of course). It’s time for PodPonics the blow up!

My main question is: how much energy, from seed to dinner salad does the process consume? I see that ya’ll use fluorescent bulbs but you also need to temperature regulate and aerate these steel boxes. Judging my by electric bill last month keeping these containers the right temperature is your highest fixed cost.

So at the end of the day, how much energy is saved compared to a head of Romaine Lettuce from grown and shipped from the San Joaquin Valley?


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