Conscious Capitalism

Dear John Mackey,

I saw you speak about your book Conscious Capitalism at Good People in Austin a few years back. You were nice enough to even sign a copy for me. If Whole Foods is a leading example for conscious capitalism, would the opposite end of the spectrum (unconscious capitalism?) be Wal-Mart?

Wal-Mart and Whole Foods make a great analogy for American society.

For many millions of Americans, their only grocery store is Wal-Mart. Maybe there used to be a local grocery store but they just couldn’t compete so now that’s the only option. Maybe it’s the only place they can afford to shop.

For fewer millions of Americans, their first option for grocery shopping is Whole Foods. They have plenty of choices of course but they choose to shop at Whole Foods because it makes them feel nice. That they are doing their little part to help and are healthier for it.

There are well known stigmas and connotations associated with both stores but it seems to be a two sides of the same coin. Which side is up and which is down? Is one side making a bigger difference in people’s lives? Who gets to flip the coin?


2 thoughts on “Conscious Capitalism

  1. Terry Hall says:

    This article is really good to read. Great!!
    Thank you for sharing, could I post it on my LinkedIn to share with my friends?

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