New indoor shrimp farming methods could make shrimp the next chicken. 

Dear Addison Lawrence

I like shrimp.

I like shrimp cocktail. I like shrimp bisque. I like shrimp Po-boys, sushi, and gumbo.

….Ok I’m sure you get the reference there, I just couldn’t resist.

I had never considered that before chicken farming was industrialized in the 1960’s, chicken was actually more expensive than beef (but I guess meat was a luxury no matter what animal was on the dinner plate).  Now we enjoy healthy, lean chicken meat at every level of society. For the same reasons, it’s exciting to hear that shrimp farming is on the way to becoming such a viable and sustainable source of protein.

I can see it now. McDonalds will be selling Shrimp McNuggets. Jack In The Box will sell shrimp tacos. Gas stations will sell frozen surf-and-turf burritos. Shrimp could even make its way into pet food (not just Fancy Feast). The possibilities are endless.

Next step: bring Lobster to the masses? Boy I  hope so.

PS: …. Shrimp salad, deep fried shrimp, shrimp creole,


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