Peaches For Me


Dear J.T. Lemley,

Summertime in Texas means peaches and watermelon. Biting into a ripe summer peach or a cold slice of watermelon can almost make you forget that it’s 100 degrees outside, if only for a moment.

When I see a roadside fruit stand in the summer, I pretty much have to stop (it’s in my blood quite literally). But when I’m not on a road trip and I get that itch all I have to do is drive down to the Dallas Farmers Market and find your booth.

You are a cornerstone at the market; an authentic local farmer who sells what they grow. Most people don’t realize that a majority of the vendors aren’t real farmers but resellers. That’s not to knock their role at the market, I’d still much rather give them my money for produce than say Tom Thumb (but obviously mangoes and coconuts are not “local”).

I was skeptical of the Farmer’s Market redevelopment plans when I first wrote about the changes happening last summer. Now I’m feeling confident that the developers are actively working to make it work for everyone though time will tell.

Good luck with the rest of the growing season and see you soon!

PS: This song is usually going through my head when I buy your peaches:


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