Bugs: It’s what’s for Dinner

Dear New Millenial Farms,

Today I took a bite of Ginger Cricket Cookies made with your Cricket Flour. Then I had another bite. They were tasty.

I went into it knowing the cookie was made with a cricket based flour. If I hadn’t been told there’s no way I would have known the difference.  But mentally it was still a challenge to get past the fact that I was eating mostly bugs. I know, I know, they are a great source of sustainable protein. I just can’t get the image of a giant box of crickets (like at the pet store) out of my mind.

So here’s what I suggest: Do a Pepsi challenge scenario. Back the same cookie recipie with cricket flour and regular flour. On camera, have people taste both cookies without them knowing one is made from crickets and ask them which was their favorite. If they say the cricket cookie was better (or that they both tasted the same) I’m sure their reaction will be YouTube gold! You might even get some people to barf and make it onto Tosh.O.

But my guess is that after the initial shock, most people would think it’s pretty cool. Have you ever heard the San Francisco food truck Don Bugito?  They service “Prehispanic” food which basically means bugs.


PS: To take the Pepsi challenge scenario a step further, blindfold the participant and have them eat the spicy wax worms. I might even freak out after eating those. Yikes.


Hi Hayden,

Thank you for the email and your support and interest.

We will think about your suggestion, sounds like fun!

Be well.



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