Dear @Vice_is_Hip,

They say imitation is the the ultimate form of flattery. The Vice_is_Hip Twitter account has 83,000 followers and the real, Twitter certified Vice account has 713,000 followers. So without writing any major content other imitating the teaser headlines that Vice is notorious for, you command 11% as many followers as a major media organization. Your reach basically makes you, according to my math, 11% as influential. I was never good at math.

But I do understand social media influence and your reTweets and Favorites are on par with the real Vice account. That reTweet ripple is what it’s all about. Is there one person behind all the Tweets?

Here are a few of my own Vice_is_Hip Tweet:

“Why Ben Stein got mad at a stripper and slapped her with his money”

“Why we went to Albuquerque and cooked meth in a high school chemistry class”

“Why Rick Perry is so enthralled with these immigrant children”


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