Dear Shinikaru,

The Maple Lord. The Syrup King. The Marmalade Marauder.

Ok I made up that last one. Basically I know nothing about you other than you are very influential in the Waffles.FM community. I was invited to Waffles by a close friend in college. Close to 500 snatches later, I still turn to Waffles to download and discover my favorite music.

In the last two years, my music consumption habits have changed. In the pre-Spotify era, I would hear about a band, listen to a few songs on YouTube, and if I decided they made the cut, I would download the album from Waffles and listen on my iPod. Pretty standard procedure.

Nowa days with Spotify (Premium) at my fingertips, I will check out a band on Spotify and mostly stream their music until I move onto the next thing. Much less frequently do I take the time to download the album and upload it to my iPhone, much less my iPod. That all takes a lot of work. Only the albums/artists I think might be enjoyable 1,2,5 years from now make this cut.

So I’m torn about this situation. On one hand, I’m glad the artists are getting paid at least a few cents from my listening to them on Spotify. But the downside is that music and bands become more disposable. I spend less times listening to an album and am onto the next sound (This is coming from someone who still believes in an album listening experience).

Have you seen a decrease in download/upload traffic with the myriad of streaming services now available? How would you describe the “health” of the community?

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