Gloom & Doom

Dear Dr. Jerry Jaax,

I am not a fatalist. I like to believe that we as intelligent human beings have the ability to affect our collective futures. It would be hard(er) to get up in the morning if I thought otherwise.

When an epidemic breaks out like the current Ebola scare, it can make people feel helpless and that their only choice is to leave their future up to fate. Then there are the brave souls who won’t take it lying down and head straight to the the epicenter of the crisis. I’m amazed by the bravery of these doctors who are working at the front lines to contain this outbreak.

I read The Hot Zone back in high school and have had a healthy fear of Ebola since. Bleeding to death from every orifice on your body is a intense image that stuck with me. I don’t live in fear of it though. I just don’t waste any effort worrying. I’m realistic about the issue unlike this foolish congressman who has hijacked the issue and is claiming that  immigrant children might bring the virus across our border. Yesterday’s news was that there is an experimental drug being sent Liberia with good but potentially uncorrelated results so far.

What are your thoughts on this ZMapp drug being administered? Too soon to call it a cure? Too soon to be using it on humans at all?

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