The first image when you Google image search “hipster”

Dear Sara Inés Calderón,

You are a quoted authority on “hipster” culture.

I am of the belief that the word hipster has lost most if not all it’s meaning. It gets thrown around (mostly in a negative sense) all too often for a word than can be interpreted so broadly. I get pegged as one occasionally and it bristles me.  Just because I like  bicycles and indie music (another term that’s lost most of it’s meaning) does that make me hipster? I came across your interpretation on the hipster label and would agree that it is dependent on a number of factors, especially location.

I’m from Dallas but lived in Austin for two years. By Austin standards, I am a low grade hipster at best. I have zero tattoos. I do NOT ride a fixed gear bicycle. I do not have a woolly beard or waxed mustache (though I might if I could grow one). I will go see the occasional bluegrass show and drink some Lonestars. They got me there.

But put me in Dallas context and I’m suddenly way up on the hipster scale. People are baffled when I pull up to the bar on my bicycle in some rolled up jeans. I eat street tacos and like food trucks. I buy most of my clothes from thrift stores, which I do partially because I’m broke but also because I like the hunt. These are all things that aren’t in line with the dominant culture in Dallas.

Whether it’s hipster, hippie, or beatnik there will always be a label for the alternative. And a lot of the time, the alternative becomes the standard. Then it starts to swing back. So by this logic, hipsters will be wearing elephant ear jeans because its ironic and so far from cool that it’s cool.

Sounds exhausting.

PS: Have you ever seen the Tumblr Look At This Fucking Hipster?



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