Dancing Planets

Yes, we are tiny in the grand scheme of the universe NEIL!

Dear Neil Degrass Tyson,

Two things off the bat. You are the director of the Hayden Planetarium. I motion that all Haydens receive free admission. There aren’t that many of us…

Secondly, you went to UT Austin for graduate school. Being an alumni myself, I wanted to congratulate you on winning the 1985 collegiate gold medal in the International Latin Ballroom style. A dancing scientist. Hmmmm.

Actually I think dance is a very nice analogy to the planetary movements of the universe which you specialize in. There is a balance and flow to the solar system, galaxy, and beyond as there is in dance. Each movement is precise and usually predictable. Someone leads the dance (gravity) and someone follows (all matter in the universe).

I’m working through the Cosmos on Netflix right now. See how much I’ve already learned!

One bone to pick with you Neil: why’d you have to get rid of Pluto?!

Oh well. This video makes up for it.



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