Be Strong

Dear Charlie Strong,

I’m from Texas and went to Texas, so obviously I’m a UT Football fan. The Longhorns are my college football team, although college football overall hardly cracks my top 5 most beloved sports (it’s somewhere just above hockey). I think that is because neither of my alma maters were particularly relevant during my years on campus.

I’m hoping you change that.

Similar to my other favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys, I think the Longhorns have suffered from this undue nepotistic loyalty. Did we really owe David Ash and Jaxon Shipley roster spots because of their brothers’ glory? They’ll be gone after this season and we can finally move on from this era of “little brother” mediocrity.

I liked that you made the players earn the right to wear the Longhorn emblem and throw up the Hook’em. It’s a privilidge and i think that concept got lost a few years back.

Here’s to an improved season. Looking forward to it.

PS: Let’s give up on this Longhorn Network thing already. It’s a failure. Move on.


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