Day of Rest

Dear James P. Hoffa,

Happy Labor Day to you sir.

This is a day for the workin’ folk. The guys and gals who make this country go; that drive the trucks (and Uber’s?) and busses all across this great nation. Thanks to the great Grover Cleveland, we don’t have to get off the couch today and are spared, at least for one day, from endless road that is work.

I’m a dude who appreciates a long solo road trip. Plenty of  times on the long lonely road to nowhere I’ve contemplated the life of a trucker. It’s your job to travel and see the country which is cool if you don’t have a family or care about your health. I mean how much Subway can one person eat before they go insane.

I don’t know all that much about unions other than they aren’t as powerful as they once were.

Have you heard of the app Trucker Path? Apparently it is (going to be?) the Uber for the trucking industry. Better watch out and work with the change because you don’t want end up like the taxi cabs (or the music industry, the publishing industry, the travel industry, the…).

PS: I’ve been reading the book American Tabloid by James Elroy and your dad is a central character in the plot. It is historical fiction of course, but he sounds to have been a… tough guy…


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