Never Gonna Give, Never Gonna Give

Redhead Series: Part 1

Dear Rick Astley,

From one red head to another I have some comment, concerns, and general nonsense to discuss with you.

First: I’ve been told that red headed men go bald young. I know baldness is a genetic trait (and that’s not good news for me), but I’m hoping you can give me some confidence here. I have a very full head of red hair at 25 that’s almost exactly the same hue of red as yours. It looks pretty thick in recent pictures but I noticed it’s pretty dark if not brown. So I’ll assume you dye it.

Second: Why would you dye your red hair when it is such an huge piece of your image as Rick Astley? Was it going gray? Does (will…) that happen to me?

Third: I’m learning the words to Never Gonna Give You Up for karaoke. Again, as a redhead I think it will be a nice addition to my repertoire. I’m looking for back up singers if you’re available.

Finally: Check out this cool video of me Karaoking last winter. 

PS: Got’em!


One thought on “Never Gonna Give, Never Gonna Give

  1. rachel says:

    you totally got me!

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