Red head series: Part II

Dear Louis C.K.,

Comedy is a grind. I wouldn’t know personally because I have no aspirations to become a comedian, but from my outsider’s perspective of the funny business (no pun intended) it looks like one of the most difficult professions. How many comedians can a random person on the street name? Three or four maybe? At a certain level, I assume most comedians are writers. Before you get that prime time sitcom gig, you probably need to write for a sitcom.

There are a lot of funny people out there, just like there are a lot of writers out there. I think the grind is vaguely similar for both as a career. It starts with a few friends and family supporting your interest. With dedication, rejection, failure, and some luck the hope is that it grows into a way to support yourself while doing something you’re passionate about. Each individual has their own personal measurement of success.  If it doesn’t pan out how you hoped (what ever does), at least it will be your outlet to express your thoughts to the world. There’s solace in that.

Louie is an amazingly funny show with unmatched emotional depth. Nothing on television, comedy or not, comes close. It captures the magic of comedy. At it’s best, it reaches our innermost feelings about all aspects of life.


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