Loyal with no Faith

Dear Jerry Jones,

I’ve been waiting to write this letter with the hopes of having something positive to say after the first game of the season. Instead, I am forced to write you with a bad taste in my mouth from the season opening 28-17 beatdown. It’s a familiar taste, the only one I’ve ever really known from the Cowboys.

The Cowboys won their last Super Bowl in 1995. I was born in October of 1988, making me all of 6 years old when we were champions last. I have only the vaguest memory of the whole ordeal. I consciously became a Cowboys fan during the Quincy Carter/Rocket Ismail era, an abysmal time for the franchise. There were a few hopeful years with Bill Parcels at the helm but those were cut short by what I assume was an ego problem between you two. A few 8-8 season later here we are, getting crushed day 1.

I’m not going to detail your horrendous draft history or blind faith in coaches. I like to stay positive in these letters and will tell you that I think you’re a great owner. If you could buy us a championship I know you would. But be honest with yourself and give up on being the General Manager. It’s obviously not working. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

We as fans need to believe that we are building towards a championship team. If we’re going to be bad, at least we should be developing players for the future. There is no sense this is happening. The culture is broken. Swallow your pride, start over from scratch, and build towards something. Maybe give Troy a shot at GM. It worked for Denver with Elway…

I’ll still faithfully watch the Cowboys each Sunday, with no faith.


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