Nicolas Ivanoff

Dear Nicolas Ivanoff,

Congratulations on winning the Texas Red Bull Air Race. I was there to witness the winning flight and am glad your taking the gold cowboy hat home to France to wear proudly. Please do wear it.

I was rooting for you mostly because you have to coolest aircraft in the bunch. Your bright orange plane just looks faster, so I assumed (correctly) that you would win. I also assumed (incorrectly) that you all raced head to head, in the air at the same time. But I guess it makes sense only one plane is in the course at a time for obvious safety reasons,  though it would make for some great television.

I guess the Red Bull Air Races have been around for a few years now. Does it get old racing the same dozen guys at every event? It probably builds pretty intense rivalries but also friendships. Who’s your bitter rival on the circuit? The German guy would make sense.

Congrats and good luck in LasVegas!

PS: I’m thinking helicopter races for next season.


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