Watch This

Dear Tim Cook,

When Samsung was advertising their Smartwatch product last holiday season, I kept asking myself : “Why is this necessary? My smartphone is right in my pocket with all the same features and more.” Then someone (granted, an acquaintance who works in their marketing department) gave me some perspective.

The goal is not to replace your phone.

It comes down to a simple social cue. Pulling your phone out is a nasty habit we’ve developed in so many social situations. Depending on the place, looking at your phone ranges from rude to downright dangerous. Sometimes we want insulate ourselves from those around us (the bus) and it works great. Other times we are trying to be social and it gets in the way. Consider this scenario:

You’re sharing a dinner out with a friend. The conversation is deep and engaging but then you feel your phone buzz in your pocket. You don’t want to be rude and check but the curiosity is almost literally burning a hole through your pocket. Maybe it’s that girl you texted earlier and she wants to meet for a drink. Maybe your house is on fire or your dog escaped from the backyard.

With a smart watch, you can casually glance at your wrist and see that it’s just your mom leaving a voicemail saying, “Hey it’s Mom, call me back.” (I knowww it’s you mom.)  And now you’re not that guy with his phone out.

The Apple Watch looks killer sleek of course but what caught my eye is the fitness component. You’re taking it right to Nike+ and FitBit which I like. Hopefully the competition forces them to improve their products and we all benifit. There is no doubt that wearable technology segment is going to continue grow in all kinds of innovative ways. Apple wasn’t the first to market with a Smartwatch but here’s to hoping you lead the way.



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