Mitt Flops

Dear Mitt Romney,

Watcha been up to Mittens? Is it ok if I call you Mittens? Cool thanks.

Last week, you emerged from the privileged ether to proclaim that you would have done a better job than Barack Obama has in his second term. Well that’s constructive.

I can sit here and say that I would have made that free throw or caught that pass. Or I would have avoided that car accident if I were driving. It all looks so easy from the sideline with perspective and instant replay.

I guess we’ll never know how you would have handled these situations. You weren’t elected. Or will we… There are rumblings about a potential 3rd try at the presidency. I don’t see many other GOP members stepping up.

It that somehow becomes the case, I expect you to use the “what’s past is prologue” argument that Vice President Biden aptly used to describe the situation he and Obama stepped into in 2008. And that’s fine, it’s a very applicable Shakespeare quote, just don’t expect any sympathy from me when the going gets tough.


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