Zuck It

Mark Zuckerberg when he became a man. Mazel Tov!

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

Ah the Internet. It’s probably the most important “invention” since the printing press. That was the first major leap in mass communication. But even as we’ve progressed from the printed word onto radio and television, it has always been a one-way form of communication.

The Internet is different.

For the first time in human history, there is the opportunity to connect every single human on the planet with one another. To share ideas and culture through a direct, one to one, unfiltered (right NSA?!), visual/written/spoken medium. And while the greatest inventions often are credited to a single person, a la Facebook and yourself, the inspiration and collaboration of ideas is the core of any great innovation. More ideas shared translates to more opportunity for great things for everyone.

Your work with Internet.org aims to bring internet access to all people. Could there be a time when Internet access is as basic a need as electricity? I have an irrational faith in the power of human collaboration to solve the biggest problems in the world. Although I don’t think your motive is purely altruistic (7 billion Facebook users would be great for the stock price), I think we share this ideal.

Here’s to an open Internet for everyone!


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