Buddy Boy

Dear Bud Selig,

Seeing as how you proudly do not use e-mail, this letter will not won’t be nearly as relevant by the time my carrier pigeon reaches New York City.

Tonight we got to watch a spectacular baseball game.

It really had it all. The hot upstart team from a city hungry for a taste of the postseason facing a team learning to play up to high expectations and hopefully exceed them. True grit was on display. I remember when my fair Texas Rangers were in both those positions over recent years, though it feels far longer ago than that. We the people of DFW missed out on basically all the MLB action this season and tonight was a taste of what makes October baseball great.

The game itself tonight couldn’t have been any better, but I still believe that an entire baseball season (162 games! Way too many!) should not be decided by a one game play-off. My friend had a clever idea: best of three with a double header on the first day and if necessary, the deciding game a day later. Home field advantage would be given on the doubleheader game. It would be an entire day of baseball (and ad revenue).

Maybe I should be sending this idea to the Commissioner in wait, Rob Manfred, since you’re retiring after this season. Or maybe you can implement this like a lame duck president might and let the new guy untangle the mess.

Enjoy your final postseason as commissioner, Commissioner.


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