Booze Week

Dear Tito Beveridge,

Ok right off the bat, your last name is Beveridge and you are in the beverage business.

That raises some red flags. It’s just is too perfectly matched and I’m a bit skeptical. Are you a real person “Tito”, or are you the creation of some copywriter? Because if you are just a skillfully crafted personality, like the Most Interesting Man in the World for instance, I’d be ok with it. Your story is still darn good.

Assuming you are real, there is one part of your story in which I’m particularly interested. The press I’ve found doesn’t goes into much detail about how you came to hold the first distillery permit in Texas. Was it simply persistence and a careful read of the TABC codes? That seems even less likely than your name.

I want a story about a smooth-talking Texas moonshiner who came to legitimize his illegal distilling activities through a series of back channels and shady go-betweens that eventually landed him (you) in the Texas Governer’s office. A deal was cut that night between you and the Governer, the details of which never left that room. Alls we know is that you walked out with a golden ticket to turn corn into fun. They could make a movie about you starring Matthew McConnahay. Don’t you want to be played by Matthew McConnahay? Yes you do. Every Texan  wants to be played by Matthew McConnahay.

Well however it went, way to stick it to the Ruskies and make some great Vodka right here in Texas.


Hi Hayden –
Thanks so much for sending this letter through! I made sure Tito got a copy of it as well 🙂
Sadly, it was not a shady deal that led to Tito having the first legal permit to distill in Texas. But it was good, old fashioned stubbornness coupled with the ability to read government documents (learned from his days as a geologist in the oil business). The TABC told him he couldn’t do it, so he read the code and discovered there was nothing in there to stop him. They still wouldn’t let him do it, so he went to the Feds and got them to agree, and finally TABC changed their mind. It’s been a wild ride ever since …
Thanks again for writing to Tito. Hope your blog project is going well!

Nicole A Portwood
VP Brand Marketing
Fifth Generation, Inc
Home of Tito’s Handmade Vodka 

America’s Original Craft Vodka



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