Dear Jimmy Wales,

I just donated $3 to Wikipedia, a laughably small amount considering how often I reference Wikipedia. The little disclaimer called me to action and I donated. A simple appeal to Logos is all it took. How do I know what Logos mean? I looked it up on Wikipedia.

How did people settle petty arguments around the dinner table before Wikipedia (or the Internet in general)? Fistacuffs I assume.

Cumulatively, I’ve probably spent days of my life just surfing through links on Wikipedia. It never gets old because there is always news direction to go, another vein of information to discover. Sometimes I’ll click around and see how many links it takes to get from one article to a seemingly totally unrelated one. Here’s are some good examples:

Spongebob Squarepants to Hitler- 4 clicks

Steve Jobs to Jesus- 3 clicks

Texas to Obseity- 1 click (obviously)


Search for “Wiki race” on Youtube – there are some funny videos of
people racing to get from one place to another on Wikipedia in the
fewest clicks.



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